aurum auris

The Dress and the sacred vestation are the main inspirations of “Aurum Auris collection”. The charming mystery celebrated by women  

don’t move

“DON’T MOVE”do not move the memory, don’t forget. This collection comes from the necessity to keep memories alive like my childhood . Each outfit is intended to represent a different room of the old mansion of my family. From this idea I developed clothes that may represent memories and feelings that, like plants, branch in…

mirror mirror

“mirror mirror” inspired by paintings such as “La Dama con ermellino” by Leonardo da Vinci” and “Narciso” by Caravaggio. The collection is about a narcissistic woman, obsessed by her beauty,self confident in her large-shape skirts and dresses embellished with golden leaves. Strong historical influence always present in the mood board.


The pose of the models is one that screams sacrifice. A material such ad plastic-coated nylon is one that transmits cold, rigidity. The colour white, present everywhere in almost every item in the collection,is a return to good, to origins. In the Village in Campania ,where I was born and I grew up,It is impossibile…