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The pose of the models is one that screams sacrifice. A material such ad plastic-coated nylon is one that transmits cold, rigidity. The colour white, present everywhere in almost every item in the collection,is a return to good, to origins.
In the Village in Campania ,where I was born and I grew up,It is impossibile not to be affected by the deep religious influence. In spite of this,I have gone beyond the Christian imagery of Virgin and saints .
My starting point for the collection Puritatem is the US cloistered nun,Charlotte Wells.Raped and forced to undergo abuse of all kinds in the convent in which she lived for over 20 years,she managed to escape and tell the world what happened in that place, in this way taking back her purity and identity.Behind every outfit therefore,is a strong,brave woman able to carry on in spite of the obstacles she meets in the course of her life . _ collection June2015_


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